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About Us
Full Range of Managed Services, including general IT support, SLA contracts, network infrastructure, website design and more.
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IT Solutions, we offer various IT solutions designed specifically to meet your needs.

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IMS Research Projects, we are constantly researching the latest technologies to ensure you always get the best.
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IMS Support, here you will find various FAQ's and documents to guide your around our client systems.
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About Us

Integrity Managed Services is an IT platform and solutions provider with the aim of bringing Integrity back into business.  We are dedicated to offering leading Managed and Security Services to small and medium business in South Africa, through the effective use of IT Automation.

With over 15 years experience in corporate and enterprise environments we are confident that we have the knowledge and abilities for you to trust us with your entire IT needs.

We realise how critical your IT infrastructure is to your business, and understand the expense of having a skilled dedicated IT member of staff.  Because of this all too often the person with the most experience is constantly being drawn away from their duties to aid in supporting a colleague.  Our aim is to enable you to focus on what your company does best by providing you with a single company to call for most, if not all of your IT needs.

The current trend of IT providers is to insist on an Onsite visit as the only real support option.  While there are times that this is necessary, we believe that both reducing the carbon foot print and response time from call to action would enable us to lead the way in office automation.

Integrity Managed Services provides professional specialised expertise to streamline our Managed and Support Services at an affordable price.  We use professional tools and proved methodologies to deliver a service excellence.  This enables us to offer a variety of service plans from routine system maintenance and management to complete IT outsourcing, thus enabling you to change your IT infrastructure from a burden into an effective and efficient component to your growing business.
In order that we are able to focus on what we do best we have carefully selected product partners that ensure that we are able to manage and provide a full range of solutions.

Our early success has been due to our expert solution offering, professionalism and focus on high quality service while being a company of Integrity.